Accra Development

Eco Homes is affordable housing development in Accra, Ghana. The homes were built in just 10 days.

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Building Types for Centric's Modular Panels

Centric's Infinity Board™ - our modular panel, can be the basic component of your building.  Our modular panels can be used in a wide variety of building types.

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Fiber Technology

Recent refinements in resins and techniques for plywood production in the US, improving cost efficiencies, are directly transferable to Arundo donax and bamboo layering. With the innovation of adding

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Emergency Housing

Our IBS™ system provides a sturdy and flexible system that can be built delivered in kit form ready to assemble on-site. These buildings are the preeminent alternative to conventional wood or steel

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Our Products

Centric's revolutionary patented structural board can be made from either bamboo, or the perennial grass, Arundo Donax. Both raw materials are eco-friendly, and share identical structural properties when manufactured to Centric's specifications. Since bamboo and Arundo Donax are non-wood based material, we are contributing to mitigating deforestation of the world's forests. Infinity BoardTM stands up to moisture and wind making it ideally suited for monsoon prone regions. Read More
Centric’s DRESS-KOTE™ is an elastomer finish. Exterior walls finished with DRESS-KOTE™ will not require painting for 10 to 15 years and interior walls covered with DRESS-KOTE™ will last a lifetime. DRESS-KOTE™ also comes in a stucco like texture. DRESS-KOTE™ is long lasting green alternative to exterior concrete finishes. Read More
Our building kits are:
  • thoughtfully designed
  • extremely fast to assemble
  • eco-friendly
  • can withstand extreme climatic conditions
The building-kits can be assembled in 10 days and can be sent anywhere!     Read More
Centric's, Integral Building System (Centric/IBS) is 100%, International Building Code compliant. Our building system withstands winds up to 180 MPH (300KPH) and meets California’s and Tokyo, Japan’s Earth Quake Code. Our bamboo/Arundo-based building materials outperform all other present forms of innovations in the building industry. Thus, Centric's Infinity Board™ combined with Centric's proprietary SIP-based IBS™ , is the world's most advanced and innovative sustainable building materials and construction method. Read More