Arundo Donax

Arundo Donax is fast growing perennial grass and can grow just about anywhere, even in brackish water. The grass takes about 2 years to fully mature; however, once matured, it does not require replanting for another 25 years. The grass can grow to as high as 32 feet (10 meters) in one season, and in tropical and sub-tropical climates, the grass can yield 2 to 3 crops per year.

Arundo Donax can also act to preserve quality of soil organic matters due to low tillage intensity, and can be used as a phyto-mediation vehicle due to the plant’s high tolerance to heavy metals, with little metal translocation from roots to shoots.

As mentioned above, Arundo Donax can grow just about anywhere. The picture on the left shows a small stand of Arundo Donax thriving in Seattle, Washington, requiring no human intervention for it to prosper.

Arudno Donax Facts

  • Arundo produces 25 times more usable fiber per acre than wood (50,000 acres of arundo equates to 1,250,000 of trees)
  • Arundo renews at least once a year
  • Economical and efficient raw material
  • Our products from Arduno Donax have a Net Zero Carbon Footprint
  • Three times stronger and 30% lighter than comparable wood material board
  • 100% non-toxic manufacturing process