Dress Kote

Centric’s DRESS-KOTE™ is a 400% elastomer finish that is exceptionaly durable and can withstand all climatic and elemental conditions. DRESS-KOTE™ comes in three basic colors: White, tan, and gray; however, at the request of the buyer, other color options are available.

Exterior walls finished with DRESS-KOTE™ will not require painting for 10 to 15 years

Interior walls covered with DRESS-KOTE™ will last a lifetime.

In addition, DRESS-KOTE™ finishes can be made to mimic stuccos in appearance, therefore, would be ideal as a replacement for concrete exterior esthetics.


Physical Properties Value Test Method
Elongation 400% @ 70 degrees F ASTM D-412
Modulus of Rupture (psi) 9300 3000 – 8000
Flexibility Passes at -40 degrees F 180 degrees/2” mandrel Bend ASTM C-711
Strength, FbS (lb-in./ft)** 635 185
Weatherability No blisters, cracking, or chalking; elastomeric properties maintained after 10,000 hours of accelerated weathering test. QUV accelerated weathering tester ASTM G-5377
Hail Resistance Hail Resistance Withstood a 1/2″ simulated hailstone without fracture of the membrane. Factory Mutual-impactor test.
Ultraviolet (UV) Resistance No blisters, cracking, or
chalking; Maintained
elastomeric properties after
100,000 hours of accelerated
weathering test.
Atlas Twin Arc
Weatherometer ASTM D-833
Fire Resistance Class A*
Construction #136
Class 1**
Underwriters Laboratories
Factory Mutual
ASTM E-108

* Cements and coating classifi
ed for external exposure
only by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

** Class 1 rating subject to conditions of approval
described in FM report 11 OCT A3 AM