Emergency Housing

Our IBS™ system provides a sturdy and flexible system that can be built delivered in kit form ready to assemble on-site. These buildings are the preeminent alternative to conventional wood or steel stud framing. Utilizing interlocking panels manufactured from the grass, Arudo Donax or Bamboo, along with integral structural studs, also made from grass fiber, they provide a flexible alternative across many industries. The IBS™ System is superior to wood buildings in a variety of ways, including strength and durability; pest and spore resistance; and increased weather resistance.

Field Erectable Shelters

A Sturdy and Flexible Building System

Highly regarded by green-conscious builders and consumers, our buildings kits for Emergency Housing offer the following benefits:

  • Delivered precut and ready to assemble on-site
  • Easily accommodates last minute change orders by utilizing site cutting or replacement pieces
  • Manufactured in easy to handle panels
  • The exterior skin in part of the kit
  • The building assembly takes only 10 days including site prep

The IBS System is built to sustain hurricane strength winds or earthquakes and tropical rot and insects. Assembly can take just 10 days with five people. The pieces can fit in the back of a pick up truck, a helicopter sling, or a bush cargo plane. These shelters can provide not only emergency relief situations but will satisfy the needs of Military, Labor Housing, Homeless Communities and many more.

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