The founders of Centric Ltd. are some of the pioneers and innovators in the design and use of structural insulated panel (SIP) systems dating as far back as the 1970’s. It began with the development of the first generation of SIP system using conventional wood-based products.

The above picture is of a residence built in the late 1970’s by Centric’s founders in Seattle, Washington. The house’s design and functionalities remain fresh today even after 30+ years in the cold, wet Seattle climate The picture was taken in 2010. Centric’s founders continued to develop and perfect both, its SIP system, and a special structural board material that can withstand the rigors of constructing building structures in regions of high temperature, high humidity, perpetual dampness, and wood-destroying insect-infested environments.

In 2010, Centric’s founders were awarded a United States patent for a special, environmental friendly structural board material to be used in the manufacturing of Centric’s unique SIP system design, the Integral Building System (IBS)™. This structural board material is aptly called the Infinity Board™, and is proven to be bug-proof, waterproof, highly fire resistant. Furthermore, the Infinity Board™ is 3 times stronger than conventional wood based products, and is made from a sustainable and renewable perennial grass, or the abundant fast growing bamboo, both of which have profound smaller carbon footprint than all wood-based products. In addition, Centric’s founders has developed a special exterior textured wall coating, the Centric Dress-Kote™, which mimics masonry finish in look and feel, but is waterproof and will never crack since it is a 400% elastomer – meaning it can stretch to 4 times its original shape.