Building Types for Centric’s Modular Panels

Centric’s Infinity Board™ – our modular panel, can be the basic component of your building.  Our modular panels can be used in a wide variety of building types.

Infinity Board™ is:

  • Adaptable to most building designs and floor plans.
  • Capable of multi-unit, multi-story construction – up to 6 floors in height.
  • Made from durable, high-quality and environmentally friendly materials.
  • Made from waterproof, bug-proof, and fire resistant materials.
  • Energy efficient and U.S. FHA/HUD compliant.
  • Built according to Miami-Dade County Hurricane Code and California Seismic Code standards.
  • Easy to erect, requiring no specialized or heavy equipment, and basic hand tools.
  • Fast to erect and complete; usual completion time is 2 to 3 weeks when foundation is ready.

Examples of building types that can be used built with Infinity Board™

Low Rise Apartment Complex

Centric’s Infinity Board™ can be used as a load bearing element ( in structures up to 6 stories) and can be used as a fast to construct eco partitioning material in larger structures.


Basic Housing


A basic house can be constructed with Infinity Board panels in as little as 9 days. This makes it an excellent choice for Emergency Housing – where structures need to be built following a natural disaster.


Low Rise Apartment Building


Attached Houses


Row Housing


Detached House with a Concrete Ground Floor


Luxury Housing


Suburban Developments