Infinity Board

Centric’s revolutionary patented structural board can be made from either bamboo, or the perennial grass, Arundo Donax. Both raw materials are eco-friendly, and share identical structural properties when manufactured to Centric’s specifications. Since bamboo and Arundo Donax are non-wood based material, we are contributing to mitigating deforestation of the world’s forests.

Certified Test Result Comparison of Centric’s Infinity Board™ to conventional plywood and OSB.
Centric’s Infinity Board™ is:

  • 3 times lighter and stronger than conventional plywood and OSB (oriented strand boards).
  • Waterproof – ideal for marine use
  • Insect proof – especially wood destroying insects, and highly fire resistant.
  • Less expensive to manufacture than plywood and OSB products.
  • Adaptable for manufacturing of dimensional lumber and furniture making.

Infinity Board™ is Stronger than Plywood

See Our Test Results

Several mechanical and physical tests were conducted by TECO of Eugene, Oregon, to obtain key physical characteristics of Centric’s Infinity Board™ (measured in 5/16” thickness). ASTM D1037 specification, titled “Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Properties of Wood-Base Fiber and Particle Panel Materials” were used extensively for these tests.

A separate report was provided by TECO which provided test details, results and
photographs showing test coupons and set up.

The Table shown below summarizes the laboratory test results and how they compare to the currently used structural wood-based materials such as plywood and OSB.

Characteristics Infinity Board™ Plywood OSB
Modulus of Elasticity (psi) 1,142,000 Typical 600,000 – 800,000 ~1,000,000
Modulus of Rupture (psi) 9300 3000 – 8000 3,000 – 5,000
Stiffness, EI (lb-in2/ft)** 34,500 34,000
Strength, FbS (lb-in./ft)** 635 185
Thickness Swell
after 24hrs %
7 6 (Douglas Fir)7.8 (Southern Pine) 10 – 15
Water Absorption
after 24 hrs %
23 48.9 (Douglas Fir)58.3 (Southern Pine) 49
Moisture Content % 4 9 (Douglas Fir)9.4 (Southern Pine) 7-9
Vapor pressure soak 67 100-115

** The 34,000 and 185 values for plywood were obtained from Table 4B of “Panel Design
Specification” published by APA The Engineered Wood Association, for a 11/32thick plywood. The
results indicate that Centric 3D-OSP laminated material is capable of meeting the panel bending/strength stiffness requirements set forth by APA.