Management Team

Centric’s management team is made up of a cohesive collaboration of engineers and professionals in the disciplines of Architectural, Civil, Electrical and Materials Science Engineering. Our team collectively has over 120 years of general construction experience, principally in the areas of residential and commercial building.

As real time witnesses to the great materials revolution for building construction in the United States over the past 40 years, Centric’s principles have previously represented several new building materials and systems to developing country markets and have recently demonstrated building projects on three continents. As a result of these experiences and from Centric’s own intellectual property development, the Centric team has perfected what many are calling “The next generation technology for building construction, method and materials.”

From the 1980’s and through the 90’s, prior to Centric’s formation in 2003, the team members represented and exported various construction systems and materials from the U.S. and Japan, including Nippon Steel, Tsubota Pipe, Weyerhaeuser Company, Simpson Timber, Fitzgibbon Industries and Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic Dome.